Which Coffee Brewing Method is Right for You?

Know the Difference Between Manual Coffee Brewing Methods

There is no one right way to make the perfect cup of coffee.  Everyone’s perfect brew is different depending on their flavor preferences, and the amount of effort that they want to put into making their morning coffee. If you are looking to get started in the world of manually brewed coffee, here is a quick guide to help you decide which method might be best for you.

Pressed – Aeropress, French Press

Pressed coffee is one of the most widely known methods of manually brewing coffee.  When using the pressed method, coffee and hot water sit together in a manual coffee press as the coffee brews slowly.  Once the coffee has reached the desired strength, the grounds are slowly pressed to the bottom of the container, separating the beverage from a fresh, frothy blend for you to enjoy.

Pour Over – Hario V60, Bonmac, Kalita Wave

Pour over coffee is the latest craze in cafes and at home.  The pour-over method is simple, yet requires a little more attention than the press method, but the results are worth it. To create the perfect pour over, hot water is poured over coarsely ground coffee in a small, quality dripper to create a hot, delicious, personal cup of coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is the perfect choice for the person who likes to have their coffee both hot and iced.  To craft a cold brew, coffee and cold water steep for up to 12 hours in a compact filtration system, which creates an ultra-concentrated coffee.  Once filtered, you can add either hot or cold water as well as your preferred ratio of cream and sugar, allowing you to change up your coffee routine every day.

No matter what method you choose, you can’t go wrong.  Each method of manually brewing coffee creates a delicious beverage for you to enjoy.