Minimalist Coffee Brewing Technique

The Minimalist Approach to Coffee

Gone are the days of clunky coffee makers and wasteful, tasteless, single-use cups.  What people want is the best coffee available with minimal waste, minimal equipment, and minimal time spent. For those who crave this minimalist approach to the morning, the answer is a pour-over brew.  A pour-over is freshly ground coffee, mixed with hand-poured hot water,and  filtered through a small container to create a fresh, delicious, personal cup of coffee.

Creating the perfect pour-over is an art. Here are three tips for perfecting your pour.

Grind Your Coffee to the Perfect Consistency

In order to achieve the bold flavors of a perfect pour over, your coffee should be ground to the consistency of a course sea salt.  This consistency will allow the hot water to sift through each individual ground, capturing the true flavor of the coffee while pulling it down into the container. To achieve the perfect consistency, the Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill has a hand crank so you can observe the process carefully and stop at just the right moment.

Pour Slowly

Although it only takes only a few minutes to brew a pour over, rushing through your pour can create a backup of water that dilutes the coffee.  Instead of pouring all at once, pour slowly for a few seconds, lift back up, and begin your pour again.  To get a pour like the professionals, you can use the Hario V60 Buono Pouring Kettle. This kettle will keep your water hot and the angled handle provides an accurate and well controlled pour.

Filter Well

It goes without saying that the perfect cup of coffee needs to be filtered perfectly.  The water has to be able to move through the coffee freely and in the end, there cannot be any grounds in the cup.  When trying to achieve the perfect pour over, a barista grade filter is the only thing that will do.  The Hario V60 Copper Dripper fits perfectly over your favorite canister and holds in all of the water’s heat while brewing your coffee.  

Although the perfect pour takes practice, if you follow these three tips, you will be on your way to the perfect cup in no time.