Coffee While Camping

Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee While Camping in 3 Easy Steps

If you’re an avid camper, you understand the struggle of needing a good cup of coffee without your home, a cafe, or even a drive-thru in sight. Although you may not have the luxuries of home, there are three steps you can take to make your coffee just as delicious as it is at home.


Whether you’re hiking a mountain or navigating the forest, you’ll be spending a lot of time exposed to the elements. When coffee is ground, its aroma and flavor are released into the air.  The more the grounds are exposed to the carbon dioxide in the air, the more they lose their flavor.  So if you’re going to be outside, whole beans are the way to go.  

You can use the compact, light, and portable Porlex JP-30 Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder to get the job done.  This grinder will fit nicely in your bag and only takes a minute to get your beans press-ready in order to enjoy the best cup of coffee!


If you are spending the night outdoors, you don’t necessarily want to wake up and make a fire for a single cup of coffee. With an MSR Windburner Stove, you can heat your water in less than 90 seconds, make your cup of coffee, and be on your way to another fun day!


After you have ground your coffee and warmed your water, you’re ready to brew.  With the compact, and durable Aeropress Coffee Maker, you’ll be able to enjoy the most delicious cup of coffee in the most beautiful scenery.  This compact coffee press comes in two pieces, makes a cup of coffee in about a minute and a half, and can easily be cleaned and packed away after each use.