Gear Guide: Best Coffee Gear to Beat the Summer Heat

If you’re feeling sluggish from all that summer heat, there’s no better way to cool down and perk up at the same time than with some cold brew or iced coffee. Regardless of which you prefer, we can all agree that these drinks are better the colder they are. We’ve written a lot about keeping your drinks hot, but what about keeping them ice cold?

As luck would have it, a lot of the same tech that can keep your drink nice and hot in the winter can keep your drink nice and cold in the summer time. That’s right, we’re talking about stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles again. Since coffee served cold is a bit of a different game than hot coffee, the recommendations will be a bit different.

Our Favorite Summer Coffee Gear

1. Yeti Rambler Jug – Half Gallon

The Yeti Rambler is ready to get tossed around in the back seat of your car while you go on the road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Fill it up with some ice and cold brew and you’ll be buzzing the whole ride there. This jug has a stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulated design. It’ll never sweat so you won’t need to worry about getting your hands or your car seats wet.

2. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle – Half Gallon

If the Yeti is too pricey or you just want something with a more classic look and feel, the Stanley has you covered. Stanley has been in the vacuum insulated bottle game since 1913 so they know a thing or two about keeping your drinks cold. This bottle will keep your coffee ice cold for up to 160 hours. Not only that, but it is completely leak proof and comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Primula Cold Brew Travel Bottle

If hand washing stainless steel isn’t your thing or you want to brew and drink from the same bottle, the Primula Brew Bottle is for you. It’s dishwasher safe and you can brew overnight to enjoy on your commute in the morning. It even comes with a neoprene sleeve to help keep your drink cold.

4. Hydro Flask 22oz Tumbler

Hydro Flask is one of our favorite brands here for always pumping out simple, clean, and functional designs without sacrificing quality. The 22oz tumbler is perfect for drinking cold brew or iced coffee on the go. It comes in tons of different colors so you can get just the right one to reflect your personality. They even have a matching straw lid to go with it!

5. YIHONG Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

We’ve all heard about the awful environmental impacts of single use straws. These straws eliminate waste and make your drink feel colder than thin plastic single use straws. They are dishwasher safe and include both straight and bent straws with flexible cleaning brushes. It comes with eight straws so you can stash some at your desk at work, carry one with you, and still have plenty left over at home so you never need to bother with a single use straw again.

What’s Right For You?

All of these products are great for everyone, but most folks won’t just buy every product just because! So what is right for you and your needs? The Yeti Rambler Jug is the best choice for keep a big stash of coffee cold on a long road trip or weekend car camping. It’s also the more expensive and premium option. The Stanley Classic will be nearly as good at a fraction of the cost, though maybe not as easy on the eyes. The Hydro Flask 22oz Tumbler is your best bet for getting refills at the coffee shop, or if you are brewing your coffee in a separate vessel whereas the Primula Cold Brew Travel Bottle is a great compact package or both brewing and consuming. YIHONG Reusable Stainless Steel Straws are great for both people and the environment.