Travel Coffee Gear Holiday Gift Guide 2017

It’s the holiday season once again and already your family and friends are asking if they should get you a new Bonmac or a Kalita Wave. Okay, maybe not. But with this guide, you’ll have something to show them when they ask what you want this year! So let’s get started. We’ll divide the list into five sections: Pourover Drippers, Hand Grinders/Mills, Electric Kettles, Pouring Kettles, and Travel Mugs.

Pourover Drippers

Hario V60 Copper – $47.99

The Hario V60 Copper is easily the most beautiful dripper out there. With a copper body and brass handle, this thing is a beast when it comes to thermal conductivity to prevent heat from leaking while you’re brewing. Like most (all?) Hario products, this dripper is made in Japan. Pair it with some 02 filters and you’ll be set.

Kalita Wave 185 – $21.50

The Kalita Wave 185 is a classic. This dripper is very forgiving when it comes to brewing a great cup, so it’s an excellent choice for anyone who’s just getting interested in manual brewing or pourovers. With three holes and a flat bottom design, a perfect and even extraction is near guaranteed every time.

Hand Grinders/Mills

Porlex Mini – $53.00

The Porlex Mini hand mill uses ceramic conical burrs to provide grind sizes ranging from espresso to french press. At a 20 gram capacity, this grinder is the perfect partner in crime to the Aeropress. It’s small (47mm diameter, 130mm tall) and durable with a stainless steel body. For something with a higher capacity more suited for pairing with a pourover, check out the Mini’s big brother: The Porlex JP-30.

Hario Mini Mill Plus – $36.00

The Hario Mini Mill Plus has a capacity of about 24 grams – just right for a pourover. With a newly improved reinforced hexagonal adapter on the handle, you’ll never need to worry about the nut stripping rendering your grinder useless. It has built in measurements on the grind chamber so you can skip the scale on your way out.

Electric Kettles

Bonavita 0.5L Mini Kettle – $24.49

The Bonavita 0.5L Mini Kettle is an excellent option for travel. With a 0.5L capacity it holds enough water for an Aeropress or two and promises not to take up much room in your suit case, especially if you save more space by storing your beans inside of it!

Bonavita 1.0L Variable Temperature Kettle – $62.87

The Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle is hands down the best electric kettle choice for at home use. Coffee shops all over trust this kettle to make their pourovers perfect. With the digital real-time temperature display, you can dial in the exact temperature you want your water to reach, then sit back and relax while it does its thing. For a simpler non-variable alternative, check out the Bonavita 1.0L Electric Kettle available for $40.35.

Pouring Kettles

Hario V60 Copper Buono Kettle – $99.25

You didn’t think we’d leave you all high and dry with just a copper version of the V60 dripper did you? Of course not. Hario’s got you covered with a complimentary Buono Kettle in copper. The slim gooseneck design gives you ultimate control while pouring and keeps water hot as it transfers from kettle to grinds.

Fellow Stagg Pourover Kettle – $79.00

This kettle comes in a modern matte black finish that’ll turn heads in your kitchen. Used by professional and competing baristas the world over, the Fellow Stagg Pourover Kettle is sure to improve the quality of your brew. It’s compatible with gas, electric, and induction ranges and features a fluted pour spout tip for optimal control.

Travel Mugs

Hario V60 Uchi Mug – $17.95

The Hario V60 Uchi Mug features a 350ml capacity perfect for most brewing methods. Its thermal double walled design keeps your coffee hot for longer so you can really take your time enjoying that single origin roast you just picked up from that local spot down the street. You know, the one between the vacuum repair store and the “Pizza Palace” that clearly used to be a Pizza Hut? Yeah. That’s the spot.

KeepCup Glass – $26.00

Made up of fully-tempered soda-lime glass, the KeepCup is super durable and fully recyclable when you’re done with it. The lid is BPA free and non-toxic. It comes in 8oz12oz, and even 16oz models so you can always have the right size handy for the amount of coffee you’re craving.